B4SI Annual Conference supported by Get-CSI

What an amazing two-day Hybrid event hosted by Foy’s Arcade! It was an absolute pleasure to host our first hybrid event for 2021 – The B4SI (Business for Societal Impact) Annual Conference – Creating an Environment for Social Impact. Hybrid events are a great way to keep everyone together. Whether you’re in the venue or watching from home, we hope … Read More

AIST Shark Tank Hybrid event supported by Get-CSI

Foy’s Arcade hosted the AIST SuperGrad Shark Tank again! This time we broadcast the experience to online attendees with our new hybrid event technology and services. The year-Long program, supported by coaching from Right Lane Consulting, culminated in a final presentation where two teams of grads pitched their ideas to a panel of four Sharks (Below). Cath Bowtell, – IFS … Read More

Get-CSI Cleanroom and completely remote support

Get-CSI has developed the capability to support our sites completely remotely. This means that all the technology from the computers, projectors, lights, blinds and content on screens can be controlled by us and we don’t need to set foot in the space, should any further lockdowns occur in Victoria. We do this with a combination of IP cameras and VPN … Read More