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Jarviz-IOE™ Room Controller App

JarvizIoE™ provides a front-end control of a place operating system (PlaceOS) and user-interface for anyone to configure everything in a room, floor, building or precinct by clicking a button. Expandable with no real device limits, JarvizIoE™ iterates into every imaginable environment.

JarvizIoE™ is our unrivaled Internet of Everything (IOE) software, which brings together people, process, data, and automated actions to make networked connections more relevant, turning information into insights and new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.

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Get-CSI software development naturally extends from intuitive interface design through to an interface gesture controller for hand coordinated gestures to emulate desktop mouse actions at scale.

The Get-CSI Swiper™ technology allows a person to control all facets of movement by using hand gestures to navigate, click and move visual information.

This method has advantages when dealing with public spaces like museums or exhibitions where peripheral hardware can be locked away and there is no need to sanitise equipment saving on both OPEX and CAPEX.

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The Cleanroom

Get-CSI’s brilliant adaptation of the cleanroom is like no other. It is not just a space where people can work without fear of “infection”. It is a high tech, hands free environment. A place where people can meet physically or virtually confident in the knowledge that not only are you and your teams safe and secure, but that ALL of your data, business critical information and IP are too.

Even now, you must work at home if you can, but in these trying times a strategy session or two is a very real necessity.

The concept of a cleanroom is based on using three of Get-CSI’s systems to provide remote assistance to users.

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Our Services

Technology and Audio visual Installation

Our extensive experience in designing, procuring, installing and maintaining bespoke audio visual projects allows us build technology that encourages interaction, explores different ways of thinking and ignites the imagination of your customers when they enter your space.

Our partnerships with a plethora of suppliers create an environment where customising this experience everyday is the norm.

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Software Development

Effective collaborators use visualisation for faster decision-making and determining the financial benefits from people working together better. This requires a comprehensive understanding of how the organisation functions so that the right information can be provided to individuals and groups at the right time.

Our software products integrate work practices and provide user-friendly interfaces, and we have the capability to develop and augment your customer's experiences for bespoke or non-standard hardware systems to generate maximum visual or tactile impact.

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Content Creation

Our team are experts cloud-managed content creation. From data visualisation to interactive graphics we can create custom experiences to meet any customer experience requirement or new business concept illustration.

We have expertise in graphic design, web and video production and experience design, we can support your team to create the most impact with your project, workshop or event.

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Our partnerships allows us to provide a range of custom installation designs, furniture, A/V, compute, touch and gesture solutions as we continue to source and partner with the world's best providers.

With our extensive knowledge in network systems, A/V installations, room control, hybrid solutions and remote support we have the capability to advise you on your next project to ensure you make the right decisions.

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