AIST Shark Tank Hybrid event supported by Get-CSI

Foy’s Arcade hosted the AIST SuperGrad Shark Tank again! This time we broadcast the experience to online attendees with our new hybrid event technology and services.

The year-Long program, supported by coaching from Right Lane Consulting, culminated in a final presentation where two teams of grads pitched their ideas to a panel of four Sharks (Below).

  • Cath Bowtell, – IFS CEO
  • Katharine Kaspar – MIESF CEO
  • Mark Puli – ESSSuper CEO
  • Stephen Reilly – HESTA COO

With Sharks swimming on the big screens and multiple cameras on the presenters, audience and judges (sharks), it felt just like the hit TV Show!

Both groups of SuperGrads gave impressive and succinct presentations, pitching ideas to improve the superannuation system. The first group came up with an intuitive app focussed on assisting  young adults and gig-economy workers to manage their super. Group two leaned towards a wider angle and impact, climate change and collaboration between the whole Superannuation Sector to achieve more than a single company ever could.

With much deliberation the Sharks chose group one as the winner of the AIST SuperGrad Program for 2021! (teams below)

Group ONE (Winners)

  • Allanah Baxter
  • Aden Dielsen
  • Will Palmer
  • Jennifer Ricamara

Group TWO

  • John Walton
  • Michael De Silva
  • Patricia Tolentino

We then celebrated with some drinks and canapes with a big group photo with all attendees, judges, grads and AIST staff, with virtual attendees on the big screen.

Can’t wait for the next Shark Tank in 2022!

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